Adding fresh Wellington flooring to your hotel or venue is a sure way to elevate and update your establishment. There’s a lot to be said for a crisp new Wellington carpet installation in your lobby or dining hall, or perhaps a Wellington ceramic tile floor installation in your bathrooms and kitchens. Behind the scenes, your staff would certainly appreciate clean Wellington vinyl flooring to work on in the kitchens and storage rooms.

As you can see, there are a lot of commercial Wellington flooring opportunities for your hotel, restaurant or venue, and each will provide both practical and attractive benefits to your business. Let’s take a look at a few of those benefits in today’s blog article.


The perfect carpets for the hospitality industry 

Without a doubt, nylon carpets are the best pick for areas that see your highest amounts of foot traffic. Nylon carpets are fashioned from tough stuff; their hardy fibres can take copious spills, dancing stiletto heels, and potent cleaning products. For large areas, you might consider the more cost-effective option of Wellington carpet tiles, which are simply tiles of carpet that make carpet replacement extremely easy should one tile undergo any irreparable damage.

When selecting your commercial carpets, especially for high-traffic areas or restaurants, we couldn’t recommend dark carpets more. Dark Wellington carpets are by far the most forgiving colour selection, as they mask stains, spills and scuff-marks effortlessly in their shadowy form. If you find yourself limited to lighter carpets, be sure to ask your Wellington carpet company for a treatment for your carpet fibres to ensure cleaning is made easier in the future.


Other types of Wellington commercial flooring you might consider

In addition to carpets. your Wellington flooring company has a few more options for you to consider in areas such as your hotel kitchens or bathrooms or staff kitchens and storage rooms.

For areas where your staff will be working ‘behind the scenes’, we recommend a Wellington vinyl installation. Vinyl is an extremely easy-to-clean and affordable option for kitchens, walk-in fridges, storage rooms and service elevators. Anyone who’s ever been in a restaurant kitchen or cleaning cupboard can tell you that these areas are almost guaranteed a few spills here and there. Staff scuttle back and forth across these areas with industrial cleaning products and machines, scorching hot foods, dark wines and sharp knives (to name just a few risks to your floors). Because these Wellington flooring areas are so susceptible to damage we must emphasise the importance of a waterproof and affordably-replaceable flooring option: vinyl.


For all your Wellington commercial flooring installation needs, be sure to contact the team at Robert Inwood flooring!