Many kiwis sink money into renovations to try and transform their homes into something entirely fresh and new. In order to achieve this transformation, corners tend to be cut; walls are painted and insulation is stuffed into walls and roofs in the hope of achieving some semblance of shininess, newness and warmth. Unfortunately, renovations really ought to start from the ground up if they are to be effective, both stylishly and practically.

And by the ground up, we, of course, mean your carpets!


New Wellington carpets improve the comfort quality of a home

All the wall-stuffing insulation in the world can’t beat the comfort of a freshly-carpeted floor. Since travelling across, sitting upon and sleeping over our floors is where we spend most of our time indoors, it pays to invest in the comfort-quality of this area.

A thick, well-underlaid carpet can store plenty of heat. Warmth is dispersed and maintained within the porous fibres, meaning your feet will be toasty warm all winter long. Additionally, the added padding will provide added comfort as feet step lightly and soundlessly across the cushioned carpets. For a family home with little ones here or on the way, fresh carpets are a healthy addition for crawling, toddling wee ones who spend most of their time on the floor.


New Wellington carpets offer an exciting new look

You’ll be amazed at the visual transformation a fresh floor of carpets can bestow upon your home. Most might think that fresh coats of paint and fancy new kitchen or bathroom installations are the stars of the renovation show. This is not always so: to invite a stylish change into your home, you need only exchange your tired old floors for affordable Wellington carpets (provided by the good folks at Robert Inwood Flooring).


The stylish, modern transformation will take your breath away. Seeing a dark, chilly space come alive with a warm-toned carpet is always a delight. Our Wellington flooring experts can provide a wide range of suitable, cosy and modern carpet colours for your home. Simply visit our store, select your carpet and invite our experts to transform your home with a Wellington carpet installation.