Cork flooring usually conjures images of dated school auditoriums or community halls. It might cause us to picture unfashionable tan hues and overly shiny, almost squishy textures. Most wouldn’t even consider cork an option when planning their Wellington flooring renovation project. Here’s the thing, cork has actually come a very long way since the ‘50s. In some cases, a Wellington cork flooring installation might actually fit your home better than carpets! 

We believe it’s time for this solid and safe Wellington flooring installation option to make a glorious return. In today’s article, we’ll explore why… 


Cork floors are durable 

Treated and packed to perfection, cork floors aren’t the sort to get soggy or misshapen as the cork in your wine model might become. Cork is actually a remarkably resilient Wellington flooring material. Resistant to cracking, abrasion and stains, cork has already got carpet on the ropes. Cork also possesses a marvellous elasticated quality, meaning it will essentially bounce back from any damage dealt to it. Drop a brick on it and watch it bounce back like magic!   

Well, maybe don’t drop a brick on it…but feel free to plant heavy tables and chairs on the floor and enjoy mark-free Wellington cork flooring! 


A safe and healthy choice of Wellington flooring 

And speaking of cork’s resilience, this wonderful Wellington flooring option is also naturally resistant to mould and mildew. That’s right! Cork material is naturally anti-microbial, meaning it won’t house and emit nasty microfibers and particles into your interior airspace. Cork can also be impressively fire-resistant, though this depends on the type of cork you’re using. Your Wellington cork flooring will only ignite at extreme temperatures, and won’t generate as much smoke as wood or carpet might emit in a fire. It’s an altogether safer option. 

As you probably know, cork is typically installed in tiled segments. For a professional cork installation, ask your local Wellington flooring company about cork flooring today! Simply get in touch with the team at Robert Inwood Flooring for more information.