What is it?

The name says it all really. While vinyl tiles are square pieces of vinyl, vinyl planks are like long strips that emulate planks of wood along your floors.


Cost effective: vinyl is wonderfully inexpensive. While we used to be faced with some very unattractive retro vinyl floors, the modern vinyl options are gorgeously realistic in their earthy wood-like appearance! Sometimes you have to walk on it in bare feet to believe it’s not real wood – vinyl planks are very lifelike, while remaining miles cheaper than wood.

Solid (not cushiony): gone are the days of bouncy rubber-like vinyl floors. Vinyl planking provides the modern Wellington home with a gorgeous firm floor that feels as safe and sturdy as real wood to walk across.

Minimal waste

Because vinyl is sold by the ‘footprint’, you aren’t going to end up with metres of waste. Vinyl can be chopped and laid to fit exactly where it needs to be in your home – even those ‘hard to reach’ corners and crevices!

Where does it work best?

Definitely in kitchens and bathrooms. Fresh vinyl flooring can make a tired old bathroom or kitchen look a million bucks! Many landlords opt to have vinyl floors installed in their tenant’s bathrooms and kitchens as the floors are low in cost but high in ‘wow factor’. If you want to make a flat look flash and new fast, go for vinyl planking!

If you’re considering having vinyl planking in your Wellington home, you’ve come to the right place! The team at Robert Inwood Flooring can expertly lay a fine floor of vinyl in your home that will have the place looking brand new with gorgeous earthy-wooden floors in your kitchens, bathrooms, and everywhere in between!