A new year brings new trends, and boy are we excited about the 2017 predictions. If you’re sick of seeing industrial/Scandinavian styled interiors everywhere – we’ve got some good news for you: moody ‘grandeur’ is making a revival.

That’s right, cinematic vibes and rich jewel-tones are on trend in 2017. You can embrace this quirky grandeur style in your home or office with a little luxury, texture, and a well placed quirky piece or two.


Out with the old: washed, woody and white

Bleached wood and stark overly-white interiors are out, so if you’re over the minimalism and hospital vibes that your home is currently giving off then now is the time to change it up!  

There’s also a discouragement on the ‘open plan’ concept, so you can expect to see more separation of spaces. What better way to differentiate space stylishly than with carpet? You can get cheap carpet in Wellington from Robert Inwood Flooring.


In with the new: velvet and forest green

Embrace velvety luxury when you make your interior design decisions this year. You can comfortably carpet your home with warm, inviting shades that are as delightful to walk on as they are to view!

Make a statement of your carpet with a bold pattern or colour. Dark forest green is said to be the new rose gold – and it just so happens to look sensational as a carpet colour. Hire a professional Wellington flooring company such as Robert Inwood Flooring to install your luxurious statement carpets ready for 2017.



To capture the style trends of 2017 in your home with your Wellington flooring, you might like to try a little texture. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your carpets: this trend is forgiving and allows you to experiment with different fabrics and shades! Try something new in each room: go the extra mile and create your own reading nook with a corner of carpeted space.