Thinking to spruce the place up before the cold kicks in? Choosing new carpets or vinyl flooring can totally transform a property without driving you broke – no need for total kitchen makeovers and brand new bathrooms! Nothing says fresh like new floors.

Whether you’re renovating, replacing or installing for the very first time, the team at Robert Inwood Flooring have got a list of pro tips that’ll see you set for flooring this season:



Where in the world (or home)

This is the part of the process where you plan and prioritise spaces. Obviously you won’t want your entire house carpeted (kitchens and bathrooms should have waterproof floors), but there are some spaces you could consider combining carpet and vinyl.

For example, if your home has an open-plan living room-to-kitchen area, you might like to consider sectioning some of that space for comfort and some for convenience. Under or around the dining room table and the front entrance way happen to take on a lot of wear, tear, and dirt in general. Consider vinyl instead of carpet for these areas – carpet should be placed wherever comfort counts!


Colour me carpeted

First thing’s first: your floors need to compliment your walls. Therefore, because paint colour is easy enough to mix and choose, start by selecting a carpet colour that you love. The wall colour can take it from there!

If you’re building or renovating home to suit your own personal style and tastes then there’s no need to let colour restrictions get the better of you. Go ahead and go nuts with your carpet and vinyl colours!

Rental renovations, on the other hand, require us to take others into consideration when it comes to carpet colour picking. The best way to go here is neutral. When in doubt, think ‘coffee culture’. Esspresso browns or burnt greys, creamy off-whites or light latte shades; these colours are comfortable and easy to work with, and they appeal to a wide audience. Don’t deter future tenants with a garish green or obtrusive shades of red – stick to shades that are easy on the eyes (and feet). The same principal applies if you’re renovating a home to sell in Wellington.


We hope that these tips have helped clear things up carpet-wise for anyone looking for a flooring company in Wellington! For more flooring tips and tricks, keep an eye out for our next blog where we offer a few more suggestions for folks new to flooring in Wellington!