Are you looking to update your Wellington carpets in the New Year? Good idea! Before you head to Robert Inwood Flooring to browse our brilliant selection of cheap Wellington carpets, we recommend revisiting your understanding of interior colour trends. You might just find that times have changed since you last browsed for carpets in Wellington. 

Here are our tips for picking colours that could be considered trendier than their more tired alternatives. 

Teal, turquoise, seafoam or green-blue 

These hues have no place in a modern home, unfortunately. Unless they’re strategically placed amid more neutral-hued walls and finishings, teal carpets tend to age a home somewhere between the late ’80s and very early 2000s. If you want to enjoy more modern Wellington carpets in your home, you might want to trade this tired shade for a more updated alternative. 


Alternative shades: 

  • Grey-blue 
  • Light sage 
  • Dark forest green (paired with dark walls and wood) 


Beige, cream or peach 

Dear oh dear. If there’s any colour of carpet that warrants a fast Wellington flooring renovation, it’s a house full of beige, cream or peach Wellington carpets. Yuck! Sorry, folks, but these weak pastel shades belong in a bygone decade. Let’s leave them there and try these more updated alternatives instead. 


Alternative shades: 

  • Straw, wheat or oaty shades 
  • Off-white; white mixed with blue or grey 
  • Carpets flecked with other colours (white with threads of grey, for example) 
  • Steer away from oranges, but dusty pinks can sometimes be quite charming (in small doses) 


Chocolate brown

This Wellington carpet installation was made popular in the later ’00s. Sure, brown carpets can appear to be pretty cosy, especially when they’re new and woolly and soft beneath your toes! For this Wellington flooring installation tip, we’re less concerned with putting an end to brown carpets, and more focused on helping you pick the right shades of brown for a modern and futureproof floor. 


Alternative shades: 

  • Espresso brown (bitter, less red) 
  • Grey-brown (or slate grey) 
  • Black-brown 
  • Latte or tea brown