‘Spring cleaning’ is nobody’s favorite activity, but if we want to enjoy a sweet, neat house all summer long, it’s unfortunately on the cards for homeowners this month! While the benchtops, bedding and drapery get a good clean dose of love, it can be easy to forget that your carpets count too as you embark on your spring cleaning crusade.

Where to begin?

Beyond the visual capabilities of the average human eye, your carpets and rugs have absorbed a moist, cold winter’s worth of dirt, ranging from flakes of skin and bacteria to muddy residue and general outdoor matter transferred as you step in and out. To get these carpets clean and ready for a fresh new year, you’ll need to give them a  deep cleaning!

Calling in the Wellington flooring experts

If you’ve arranged for a professional to steam clean your carpets, but the stains and smells of well-used carpet still linger, you might need to consider replacing the carpets altogether. The carpets for sale in Wellington at Robert Inwood Flooring are constructed with modern technology: fibres built to last, and built to easily shift that inevitable dirt buildup.

As many Wellington homes are of the ‘old yet charming and full of character’ variety, the carpets within have often seen better days. If you find yourself stressing to book carpet cleaners every year before the family come to visit, it might be time to save yourself the annual carpet-drama and start 2017 off with a fresh floor of clean, new carpet.

If Christmas is creeping up on you sooner than you expected, it might be a good idea to give the team at Robert Inwood Flooring a visit or call to ensure your carpets are up for family inspection! Get stuck into a carpet cleaning or makeover this spring so you can relax all summer long with your feet on superb, sleek, sanitized floors.