When it comes to selecting a carpet for you home, once you have set a budget, there are usually two factors that should be of immediate consideration; colour and style/texture. Once you have decided on these components, you can then be presented with your options and start the decision making process before finally installation and feeling that new carpet luxury beneath your feet.

When it comes to colour, neutrals are the biggest sellers. Carpet has a big impact on a room, so a bright or bold colour is advised against as it can be very overpowering. Another factor to consider is re-carpeting your house is not inexpensive, so unless you can afford to replace your carpet with the new in trend every colour of years, we suggest you choose a neutral that will look great for the long haul. If you wish to be bold with colour, use it in elements that can be easily replaced, such as cushions on the couch, bedding or accessories. Although integrally important, carpet should not be the focus of the room.

When deciding on colour, be it light or dark, consider your lifestyle. Do you have children, are children in your future planning, do you have pets? Do you host parties often? Or perhaps you are an outdoor tradesman who often comes home with mud and dirt on shoes, socks and clothing? Very light colours show marks on the carpet far more than mid tones. The same goes for very dark carpet. Black carpet and a golden retriever do not go well together. If you have children and your carpet may be prone to soiling, it is best to stick with a carpet neither too dark nor too light.

When it comes to style and texture there are 2 options to choose from. Cut pile or loop pile. They are exactly as they sound. Cut pile often creates shading as the carpet pile fibres which stand on their edge get permanently bent. The best comparison is suede or velvet. If brushed one way, it will look different it brushed the other. Cut pile carpets also show footprints more so than loop pile. Loop pile carpets have the carpet fibres looped over with creates a more luxurious feel on the feet. It is classic and easy to care for. If you have young children or a busy household this is probably going to be your better option as it has excellent soil hiding properties.

We are only too happy to go through all these options with and present to you a range of carpets to fit your budget. Call us and arrange an appointment and let’s get on the way to plush, warm, new carpet in your home before winter arrives.