The idea of getting new carpet can be quite daunting. Whether you’re replacing old flooring, expanding a room, or creating a new room entirely, the flooring can be a tricky prospect. Not every room has a convenient square layout that makes carpet laying straight forward. For the budget-conscious especially, getting a traditional carpet fitted and installed to a lopsided or unusually shaped area is a nightmare.

And that is where cork and carpet tiles come in! Robert Inwood Flooring has your back with these convenient and cost effective options that make both the purchase and installation as stress free as possible.

Carpet tiles have dozens of advantages, as well as having a modern and stylish look. Carpet tiling is cheaper than traditional carpet. The installation process is also much quicker and simpler, you can even do it yourself! Robert Inwood Flooring can help you with the purchase and leave it in your hands, or install them for you. The tiles are perfect for complex room layouts, they have endless versatility.  Instead of hours of laying, carpet tiles are simple to cut and laid out to suit your needs.

Cork tiles have the same advantages of price and versatility, with the added advantage of being perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Cork is slip resistant in a way that linoleum isn’t, it’s also softer to the touch. Thanks to the hollow nature of cork the tiles provide insulation against both sound and temperature. This makes it a perfect option with summer on the horizon, as cork tiles will keep out the heat in the hotter months and then keep the warmth in during winter. Cork tiling is also hypoallergenic. It repels dust and hair, and the smooth surface makes it easy to clean.

Regardless of your budget and the layout of your rooms, Robert Inwood’s cork and carpet tiles are excellent options.