Summer is the season for renovations here in New Zealand. If you’re itching to get your Wellington carpets replaced and looking fresh, you’ve come to the right place! Before you make a move to improve your home, be sure to read a few of our following tips so that your interior is ready to reno-rumble.


Wellington carpet replacement: where should the new carpets go?

Take a look around your home and examine your carpets closely. You’re going to need to determine whether or not a portion or the entirety of your carpets will need to be replaced. A Wellington flooring company can both repair and replace carpets, either in specific areas or across the full floorplan of your home.

So, to determine just how much of your home you’d like to ‘freshen up’ in the Wellington flooring department, take a close look at the following areas:


The entranceway

If your home features carpets near the entranceway of your home, there’s a good chance that it would have seen its fair share of mud and other dirty matters. If this carpet has faded or depressed in areas due to high amounts of foot traffic, it’s time to do a full replacement!


The hallway

The second most popular piece of carpet in your home is the strip of carpet that runs down your hallway. If you can see or feel depressions in the floor (usually in the centre of the hallway where feet mostly tread), there’s a good chance you’ll need to fully replace this area.


The living room

Check around your couches and the walkway by which you enter or leave the lounge. Are these areas worn away or discoloured? Next, check any areas of carpet by your windows and glass doors. Have these areas faded and lost their healthy colour? The easiest way to spot your carpet’s age is to move any furnishings that have been in the same spot for a few years – if the carpet beneath your furnishings is colourful, fluffy and unrecognisable when compared to the exposed carpet, it’s probably time for a change!


So what’s the verdict? Is it time for a single room change or a full house recarpeting? Get in touch with the Wellington flooring experts and carpet replacement pros at Robert Inwood Flooring to get your home freshened up for the New Year!