Summer is a hot month in terms of both temperature and the property market. Homeowners all over Wellington will be scrambling to sell properties and buyers will be scrambling to view them. As a homeowner, we bet you’ll be eager to get in on this exciting, bustling summer property market. If you’re planning to renovate your home and have an edge on your competition, the best thing you can do for your property is kit it out with a fresh new Wellington flooring installation. 

All good renovations start from the ground up. Today, that ‘ground’ is quite literally your carpets. Let’s take a closer look at the edge your carpets will give you in the busy summer real estate market, shall we?  


Offer your buyers better comfort 

No amount of insulation can top the comfortable texture of a fresh carpet under your feet. Something about that soft, plush fabric hitting your toes makes a whole home feel immediately comfortable. We spend most of our time indoors with our feet in contact with the floor, so it makes sense to commit your renovation efforts to this area. 

A thick, well-underlaid carpet will make a fabulous impression on your potential buyers. In addition to warmth and insulation, new carpets offer feet-friendly padding to elevate the comfort levels of any home. Older, creaky homes really benefit from the addition of Wellington carpets. Even cheap Wellington carpets are better than nothing! Carpeted homes are especially appealing to young families, as the plushy fibres of a carpet are well-suited to little ones learning how to crawl and walk. 


Offer your buyers a more beautiful interior 

You’ll be amazed by the transformative impact that a fresh Wellington flooring installation has on any home. While your competitors might focus on unnecessary details such as bright, unattractive paints or distracting furnishings, your home will be a refreshing experience with delightfully soft new carpets for everyone to enjoy. New carpets can’t help but make a whole home look new, too.