Like a frog in a frying pan, winter tends to creep up on us and pounce when we least expect it. You’ll wake up one morning and realise that you’d like nothing more than to simply stay in bed to keep your poor toes from touching icy Wellington floors.

Wellington flooring experts know a thing or two about preparing your property for winter. A well-insulated home will change your whole lifestyle, and in today’s blog, we’ll show you how to achieve it with the help of some cheap Wellington carpets.


Affordable insulation

Forget tearing out the walls to stuff them with pink fluff. Forget upgrading to the super ultra mega deluxe heatpump. Forget twenty fan heaters blasting on their fullest settings in every room. Even the most affordable Wellington carpets can do the effective job of locking in valuable warmth and keeping it from escaping your home. Because heat rises, seeps through the glass, escapes through gaps in doors and windows and eventually pools in your roof, it’s imperative to keep some of that expensive, live-giving warmth down here with us humans. To achieve this, we need only invest in Wellington carpets. You’re only one professional carpet installation away from cheaper power bills and warmer winters when you invest in carpet flooring. Opt for an affordable option or treat yourself to a luxuriously woolly high-end carpet – we have a huge selection here at Robert Inwood flooring!


Carpet in unlikely places

Believe it or not, plenty of folks are starting to invest in carpeted garages. This sort of Wellington flooring installation isn’t to simply give your car somewhere comfortable to park on a cold winter’s night. Rather, it adds some much-needed insulation to this otherwise freezing space during the colder months.

Carpets lock in warmth deep within their looping threads. Should you need to carry out any work in the garage during the winter months, you’ll be able to do so in comfort with at least a little carpet in this area. If you have the space, a carpeted garage can provide an extra room, of sorts, for you and your family to use throughout the year. Carpeted garages can be used as spare rooms or playrooms – all you need is a bit of cheap Wellington carpet and a savvy flooring professional. Perhaps a little extra padding wouldn’t go astray; this will keep your affordable Wellington carpets plush despite the fact that they have been installed on concrete.