It’s a well-known fact that some carpets tend to trap dust and other such microscopic undesirables over the years. Regular washing and vacuum cleaning will help, but for our hyper-allergic friends and family members, it’s good to know that the flooring industry has got you covered should you require a hypoallergenic Wellington carpet. 

A hypoallergenic carpet will allow you to enjoy a happy healthy home in a less dusty, hive-inspiring atmosphere. Nylon carpets are generally the most effective hypoallergenic Wellington flooring installation option. We’ll talk more about Nylon carpets in our next point.


Nylon carpets in Wellington

Nylon is a wonderful material, used for its durability and resistance to moisture or dirt. Nylon retains its shape, strength and lustre and, while it might not be as plushy as a wool carpet, it is no less comfortable under the souls of your feet. Nylon Wellington carpets are durable, affordable and stylish, and we believe that this particular material will suit any home where allergies (such as dust sensitivity) have proven to be problematic. 


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If you have any questions or concerns about carpet, or you’d like to take a sample home, feel free to stop by the Robert Inwood Flooring office. Our helpful, friendly staff are extremely knowledgable about all things flooring. You can browse our catalogue of Wellington carpets, admire the colours and fibres up close, and enjoy our expert feedback should you find yourself in the all too common position of deciding between a pair of carpet colours. We’re here to help ensure your Wellington carpet installation is as smooth, healthy and happy as possible, so don’t hesitate to stop by Robert Inwood Flooring today, and don’t forget to ask about our hypoallergenic flooring options.