Much like the proverbial frog in the frying pan, Wellington winters have a tendency to creep up on us. Before you know it, there’s frost on the car in the morning, mist on the windows, and an everyday battle of will to force your feet out from the covers in the morning to meet the cold floors below. Nobody likes relinquishing their warm bed for a cold-footed trip to the kitchen for a morning cuppa. In today’s article, we’ll lay down a simple solution for flooring your Wellington home to ensure a lovely warm and cosy winter. 


Preparing your home for winter with Wellington carpets

Our Wellington flooring experts at Robert Inwood Flooring are well versed in the art of flooring insulation. It’s no secret that a well-insulated home, complete with a nice new Wellington flooring installation, locks in the heat, saves you power, keeps your toes warm and has your home feeling comfortable and cosy all year long. If you want a well-insulated home that doesn’t leak heat, start with a winter flooring installation in Wellington. 


Carpet costs less that retrospective insulation 

Rather than tearing into your walls or scuttling about in your roof to install retrospective insulation, a simple Wellington carpet installation is quicker, more affordable and, in some cases, more effective than an outright insulation renovation of your entire home. Warm, cosy carpets are always on display, meaning you’ll see and feel the difference under your feet immediately. It’s a non-invasive insulation solution for any Wellington home needing a bit more warmth this winter. 


How does carpet keep the heat? 

Carpets are full of cosy loops of thread that lock in any warmth deep within their fibres. Picture your carpet like a layer of tiny, tiny pockets, each with the ability to trap and contain some of that heat that your fireplace, heater or heatpump are pouring into your home. Carpets really are a clever way to make the most of any home heating system, and they will last for this and many winters to come.