Whether it’s a spacious open plan living room or a gargantuan office space, there are a few tips and tricks we can impart to ensure you’re getting the most – visually – from your space. The key factor you will need to achieve here is flow. Flow serves as a room’s atmosphere, aesthetic and path all at the same time. You’d be surprised at how important a factor your floors will prove to be in achieving this all-important flow.


Why is flow important?

Flow is the only thing keeping you from feeling trapped or cluttered in a space. It’s a theme that, if executed correctly, can make even the smallest and most sullen of spaces feel bright, open, and easy to access. You’ll need to achieve ‘flow’ if you want your open plan living or office space to actually feel open.


Keep reading to find out how you can design with flow in mind!


Don’t – divide spaces

Unless you’re sectioning off a portion of waterproof floor for your kitchen or bathroom, don’t break up your rooms with different flooring materials or carpet colours. That goes for those expansive office spaces too!

While you stand in the empty office space and observe the wide mass of uni-coloured carpet, you might feel like the different ‘rooms’ will be impossible to section without paths or portions dedicated and differentiated with different coloured carpets.

Here’s the thing…this seemingly overwhelming view of the empty space is only temporary. Really temporary. As soon as all the desks and chairs pile back in, as well as the folks who fill them, you’ll lose your all-over view of the floor space. Broken colour can tend to look patchy and cheap as you travel from one section of the office/living room to the other – there’s nothing quite like broken space to disrupt a room’s sense of flow!


Do – commit to one carpet colour

It’s a big commitment, but the flow payoff is totally worth the dive!  Sticking with one cool colour of carpet is the way to go if you’re keen to achieve flow. Because you’re going to be seeing a lot of this colour, please ensure you’re sticking with something simple and easy on the eyes. Grey is a great place to start in an office, while creams, charcoals and sandy beige tones suit a living room space in equal parts style and comfort.


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