There’s a hidden evil that usually comes out to play in our Wellington carpets when we least expect it. Just as the weather starts to warm up and the promise of summer sits on the horizon, we suddenly feel a painful itch gnawing at our feet – and then another, and another! The fleas are back, and when your home is filled with affordable Wellington carpets, it can feel as though there’s no escaping this tiny, near-invisible enemy.

Fortunately, the Wellington flooring experts at Robert Inwood Flooring have valuable experience and advice to offer in this area. To eradicate fleas entirely, you’ll need to take very specific steps to stop the actual life cycle of the fleas (rather than just killing the ones that are alive in your home right now). Let our carpet installation experts tackle this tough problem with you in this month’s carpet advice blog…


Day 1

If you’re starting after having already been bitten by a flea or having seen one on your pet, here are the steps you’ll need to take immediately:

  • If you have insect spray (the kind you use for camping), spray some on your feet and any other exposed limbs, then do so for each family member
  • Keep your house as cold as possible while you make preparations to treat any pets, and eventually your Wellington carpets. Run the air conditioning unit if you have to. It’ll be a day of chilly discomfort but it’ll keep any extra eggs from hatching, making your flea issue a lot less major.
  • Pop down to the grocery store and purchase yourself a few flea bombs or treatments for the house as well as flea treatments for your pets. Try and find a pet treatment that kills the fleas eggs in addition to the live fleas.
  • Thoroughly vacuum your Wellington carpets (do so with the strongest setting, or use the nozzle itself if you can). Get every inch of your carpet, including the areas under beds and couches.
  • Cover or store away any food and place newspaper over any surfaces in your home (especially the kitchen bench). Read your house flea bomb instructions carefully and then set it off in your home (you might need more than one to reach every level of your home). Leave the home for a few hours, then vacuum again when the bomb has done its job.


Day 2

Put everything through the wash

And we mean everything! Your Wellington carpets aren’t the only place where fleas like to hide their eggs. Unfortunately you’ll discover the hard way that a simple Wellington flooring treatment won’t completely eradicate the flea infestation, as your soft furnishings, bedding, clothes, towels and the like are all potential pockets for flea life to thrive.

Run everything through the hottest wash you can. This includes clean linen and clothing and pet beds: everything needs a good wash to ensure that your unwanted guests have nowhere to hide. Steaming the harder-to-wash items such as pet beds and shoes works too, but just make sure that everything gets a good once-over.


If you find yourself defleaing your home every year and you can’t seem to get on top of the pest problem, it might be time for you to install a fresh floor of affordable Wellington carpets from Robert Inwood Flooring. Our professional carpet installation service in Wellington is efficient and effective: we’ll give your home fresh, flea-free new lease on life!


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