Did you wake up this morning and notice that it was a ‘bit nippy’? The cold is certainly on its way to settle in soon, and if you were considering carpet installation in Wellington then the time to act is now! Trust us…you don’t want to be on the carpet wait-list when winter kicks in…


Finding a carpet company in Wellington

The team at Robert Inwood Flooring are the perfect Wellington carpet company to consult when switching to or updating your carpet. We offer free, no-obligation quotes and fantastic service. We’ve been working as a trusted Wellington flooring company for the past 45 years, and we’re more than experienced with the quirky, unconventional homes that this city holds.

We als respect your furniture and like to leave it exactly the way you had it! In addition to moving it in and out of the way, we’ll photograph your ‘setup’ to make sure we replicate it perfectly.


Booking your carpet installation in Wellington

To avoid ‘waiting your turn’ during winter (when everyone else decides to book their carpet repair or replacement in Wellington), you can arrange for carpet installation in Wellington now while it’s still a little warm! Whether you’re living in the home or looking to rent/sell it, a fresh floor of carpet is always a winner, and is a factor that will be sure to sell your home even in the ‘quiet season’.


Hunting for carpet specials in Wellington

If it’s cheap carpet in Wellington that you’re after then you’ve certainly come to the right place! In our many years in the Wellington flooring industry, we’ve built great relationships with local suppliers and manufacturers. In your case, this means that we will have access to inexpensive carpets and off-cuts for very reasonable prices so that you won’t have to break the bank just to keep your home toasty warm!

Beat the winter rush and take some time this autumn to book your carpet repairs, replacements or total transformations. It’s the perfect to ‘warm up’ your home for this and many more winters to come!