Super soft

Sick of sounding like a herd of elephants each time you get up to go to the bathroom? Carpet provides super soft padding for your toes: it feels great on a bare pair of feet and dampens any noise while folks travel through your house.

Bedrooms and living rooms benefit most from this excellent flooring option, carpet helps to make these rooms as comfortable as possible for those who dwell in them.


A world of warmth

In comparison to hardwood, tile or vinyl floors, carpet is always going to be the warmer option. Other flooring options will force your feet into slippers as you pry them out of bed – you won’t want them to touch the frozen surface of your polished floor! Carpet, on the other hand, invites the toes to a world of warmth as it skillfully holds the heat and sends it to your feet!


Safe for the little ones

Let’s face it: our kids can be a little clumsy, especially if they’re crawling or learning to walk. Unlike your other options, a carpeted home will cushion every trip and fall that your little ones take without doing damage. You don’t have to cringe at the thought of a terrible thud – carpets have your kids taken care of!

Carpet also makes for a really great play area, as the surface is cozy and warm to sit on for long periods of play time.


Cozy and comfy

The moment where you will most surely notice the benefits of a carpeted home would be when you’ve just spent a day on your toes indoors (cleaning or otherwise), and your feet have been able to freely dart across your comfy carpet floors. Hard surfaces, in contrast, can do damage to your feet if you need to spend a long time on them at home. Carpet cushions your souls as you travel through your rooms with pillowy ease.



With all these benefits (and more) you’d probably be surprised to find that carpets are a good deal cheaper than hardwood floors – from installation to maintenance, a carpeted floor is your best bet on a budget!