Doing a little research before you develop a budget for your new Wellington carpets? You’ve come to the right place! In today’s article, we’ll be covering the cost of carpets, and pinpointing how far your pennies will get you when it comes to flooring Wellington homes.


The lifecycle of a carpet – where does the cost come from?

A carpet’s cost starts at the factory in which it is being constructed. The manner by which the carpet is composed can have an impact on the overall cost. For example, a more handmade carpet can be extremely costly while a convenient machine method can knock the bill down a bit.


Fibre has a financial impact

Of all carpet fibres, wool is the most expensive due to it being the most natural fibre used for the purposes of carpet production. It feels luxurious beneath bare feet and is highly durable. The more artificial your carpeting material, the cheaper and less comfortable it will be on your feet.

If comfort isn’t a top priority, nylon or any other artificial Wellington flooring fibres are an excellent and affordable option for the budget-conscious buyer. While they might not be as soft and plushy as natural wool, they’re generally easier to clean and can be surprisingly sturdy in ‘messy house’ situations (such as the indoor/outdoor antics of small children and pets).


What lies beneath

A more expensive, lush and luxurious carpet will provide ample comfort and most likely won’t require too much padding. Wool and other such similar carpet fibres possess naturally impressive insulation properties. You’ll pay more initially for your carpet, but the installation and your future heating bills will be substantially less expensive, so a more costly Wellington carpet installation could be considered an investment.

If you spend much less on a cheaper carpet, chances are you’ll make up at least a portion of your savings in paying for extra padding. It’s worth it to invest in good layers of padding: consider the colder months when making any Wellington carpet installation choices.


The takeaway

When it comes to carpets, try to spend as much as you possibly can. You get what you pay for with Wellington flooring, so more means more. That being said, there’s always a good deal awaiting you with our cheap carpet selection at Robert Inwood flooring! We offer an affordable range of Wellington carpets for you to peruse and choose, so head to our office and get browsing.