The cold season brings a significant series of issues to any individual hoping for the clean upkeep of their carpets. Be it moisture buildup or muddy boots, this is the time of year that we need to stay sharp in order to maintain a clean carpet. The best way to do this is by sticking to a few tried and true rules for keeping a carpeted area in top condition. It’s going to involve time, effort, equipment and – most importantly – you!

In this second part of our carpet upkeep blog, we’ll share a few more handy tips for homeowners keeping their carpets in top condition all season long:

First thing’s first

You can save yourself a world of work by keeping the most used level of your home clean constantly. If your living room area or a particular story of your home is the entrance way (and most used space) then the dirt buildup in these areas will be transferred to the secondary spaces (or story). It makes sense to keep these busy spaces clean, so you rarely ever need to clean everywhere else! Rather than doing a few huge cleans, just focus on where it matters.

Elevators are dirt traps!

So the first place to pick up the street-matter and dirt from your employee’s feet will be your elevator! We’ve been installing commercial carpet in Wellington for years, and we know that this floor space is the most commonly replaced. If you would like us to install a fresh floor of carpet in your Elevators then simply get in touch with the team at Robert Inwood Flooring!

Sometimes spaces need a little more than a clean…they need a total replacement. If you need your Wellington carpets replaced for a reasonable price, we can help! Call us or email us for a free quote today.