If you’re planning to perform any renovations during the lockdown, you would be wise to start with fresh Wellington flooring. In addition to updating your carpet in general, there are a couple of less popular places where we’d recommend adding Wellington carpets in order to see the most value found in your home if you’re planning to sell. If you’re not planning to sell, you’ll find some helpful tips in this article that’ll show you how a simple addition of Wellington carpet will improve the overall quality of life in your own home. 

Read on to find out how a few unusual Wellington carpet installations can improve life in your home! 

Carpet in your garage 

Any garage can be immediately transformed into an entirely usable extra room with the simple addition of Wellington carpets. You’re one Wellington flooring installation away from having a room that, once the car is out and parked on the driveaway, can be used as a comfortable, carpeted guest room, games room, gym or office. 

We can easily install Wellington carpets in your garage; we install a super-tough and hard-wearing layer of carpet directly to the concrete floor, creating a fun, inviting space with a little extra insulation. Carpet also provides a bit of sound dampening, so you won’t have to worry about the neighbours hearing your workout music reverberating off the walls, or your kids playing video games with their friends at 2 in the morning. 


Carpet on the stairs 

In addition to looking marvellously attractive, a carpeted stairwell always adds a touch of luxury and comfort to a home. You’ll find the cold hard surfaces of your staircase appear softer, plushier and far more appealing to the eye with one simple Wellington carpet installation. 

Carpeted staircases deliver a whole host of benefits to homeowners. They’re bound to add value by simply being more pleasant to walk on as you travel between the levels of your home. Additionally, a staircase covered in carpet installed by our Wellington flooring professionals will provide a bit of anti-slip grip as the fibrous carpets create a bit of friction with fast-moving feet going up or down each step. A Wellington carpet installation is an especially desirable trait to young families who will be expecting to see little ones using those stairs too. Plush carpets cushion a fall and support crawling limbs beautifully, so you really can’t go wrong with a carpeted staircase for little ones.