Making a Room Look Larger

If you are a resident of our cool little capital city, then you’ll know that the key to making a small living space work is ensuring that every inch counts. Making the most of a smaller space means you might have to play a few tricks on your eyes to give the illusion of a bigger space: a feat totally achievable with a few clever interior decorating tips that we’d like to share with you today.

Love that light

Whether you’re inviting it or emphasizing it, light is the ally of any home owner looking to brighten (and visually widen) their living space.

Inviting natural light inside your home completely opens up your interior, instantly enlarging the space and invoking a healthy sense of flow from corner to corner. Not everyone is so fortunate as to have large light-soaking windows, so there are a few tricks you can try to amplify whatever light your home is getting.

Magic Mirrors: standing a large mirror against a wall is the perfect way to bounce light across your otherwise dark room. For large spaces, try a pair of mirrors placed side by side for a strong, stylish statement. For smaller spaces you could select a tall, thin mirror with a subtle frame so as to ensure maximum light is being bounced from its surface area. The difference of light in your room will be sure to stun you!  

Clever Carpets: The clever use of colour can transform your rooms from dark cubicles into bright open-plan places of rest and relaxation. Your walls and floors are the first matters up for colour corrections. You’ll need to think white and bright: any lighter shades on the spectrum will be sure to bounce light as darker shades tend to absorb it – leaving none left for you to enjoy!


If you’re looking to lighten and widen the space with carpets in Wellington then the team at Robert Inwood Flooring can certainly help you there! You are welcome to come in to consult any of our in store specialists as to which carpet colours will work with your home to make the most of your space.