In an effort to feel more connected to a space; to experience it more fully, homeowners are turning to texture when designing their ideal interiors. It isn’t enough to simply pass through a room anymore, it should be felt and experienced as you move through the space. 

In order to achieve a greater sense of tangible texture in any given space, our team of Wellington flooring experts would highly recommend a chunky, textured carpet. Textured Wellington carpets are attractive and unique, offering something a little different from the normal blank, neatly-woven carpet style. 

You could opt for any one of our cheap Wellington carpets, but a textured style might suit to serve as something a little more exciting, stylish and special. 


Tonal layering 

Here’s a trend we haven’t seen as much of as we’d like! For the tonal layering look, homeowners arrange for a Wellington carpet installation and layer their lovely new floors with beautiful rugs in similar (if not identical) shades. Say, for example, you picked a pretty caramel shade of carpet. To tonally layer atop this carpet and create a sense of depth and texture to the space, you need only add a few rugs in an identical, darker or lighter shade of caramel. 

Wellington carpet and rug combos are a fast and fashionable way to add some much-needed dimension to any flat, dull space in your home. 


Eco-friendly and sustainable Wellington carpet choices 

As we move into a new decade of what we hope will be more conscious consumerism, we understand that there’s a good chance you’ll be on the lookout for an ethical and sustainably sourced carpet option. Fear not, because the team of Wellington flooring professionals at Robert Inwood have got you covered there! 

We have a wide range of beautiful flooring options, from cheap Wellington carpets to top-quality sustainable carpets. Whatever you fancy, our team will ensure your Wellington flooring installation is up-to-date with the latest trends and flooring tech.