Is your Wellington home ready for winter? We can help!

Like a frog in a frying pan, winter tends to creep up on us and pounce when we least expect it. You’ll wake up one morning and realise that you’d like nothing more than to simply stay in bed to keep your poor toes from touching icy Wellington floors. Wellington flooring experts know a thing [...]

How to tell when you’ve been visited by the carpet cowboys

Do you feel like there’s something not quite right with your Wellington carpets? Do you feel as though your Wellington carpet installation could have been a lot smoother? Perhaps the defects in your flooring installation are glaringly obvious, or perhaps they’re subtle; not making an appearance until its too late and the repair prices become [...]

A day with Wellington carpet

A professional Wellington carpet installation brings endless benefits to a family home. In today’s article, we’ll walk through a day with Wellington carpets, giving you an idea of what you might expect after a visit from a Wellington flooring expert. We’ll look specifically at the delights carpet can offer your home during the winter. [...]

Wellington carpets: an affordable renovation option

Many kiwis sink money into renovations to try and transform their homes into something entirely fresh and new. In order to achieve this transformation, corners tend to be cut; walls are painted and insulation is stuffed into walls and roofs in the hope of achieving some semblance of shininess, newness and warmth. Unfortunately, renovations really [...]

Robert Inwood Flooring: Your one-stop Wellington flooring experts

Ready to replace your flooring? Being in the business of all things flooring-related, we understand how daunting it can be to get your floors to replace. There’s a lot to factor in, starting with materials and costs, and finishing with the evident shifting of your furnishings when it comes time to carry out the task. [...]

The top reasons why you haven’t updated your Wellington carpets (yet)

We’re two months into 2019, can you believe it? Was this the year that you promised you’d get stuck into some much-needed renovations? No matter how much you paint and polish your house, or how many fancy new furnishings you install, nothing refreshes a home quite like a fresh floor of Wellington carpets. The dusty, [...]

Wellington cork flooring – the comfortable and cosy choice

While we might not be thinking thermal at the moment with summer in full swing, it’s never too early to employ the expertise of a Wellington flooring professional. Folks usually put off a Wellington carpet installation all the way up until the first few days of winter. Beat the rush before things get cooler and [...]

Cosy cork flooring: the eco friendly option for 2019

When we consider cork flooring, our minds usually drift to retro school auditoriums and community halls. For most of us, cork isn’t even an option when we’re shopping for commercial or residential Wellington flooring. The thing is, cork flooring can actually be a better option than Wellington carpets or hardwood floors for some folks. It [...]